Chilham Duathlon

Having considered a 100 mile sportive on Sunday 20th mum convinced me it would be a better idea to improve my running and join her and Val for the Chilham Duathlon.

For some reason, I agreed.The course consisted of a 10km run, 40km bike and 5km run.
The runs were both off-road and the bike on the road.Having rained heavily before the start the ground was wet. 30 seconds after the gun the heavens opened and everyone was drenched. Running up the first hill felt more like ice skating, some people having to stop to recover their shoes that had been sucked off in the mud. After we emerged at the top of the hill it was over fields and a little more pleasant. 
The bike had a hilly first section followed by an end stretch which is borrowed from a TT course. Unfortunately the heavens opened when on the bike again and it felt more like swimming in places with marshals directing you around puddles (or floods).
The second run was on the same course as the first. By the time we got to it that first hill was more like a swamp.
This being my first duathlon I had no idea about pacing, or what my body would do moving from run to bike. It was not good! A few miles in to the bike my right calf started cramping and continued throughout. Moving off the bike back to the run I cramped again, and throughout the run was cramping in both quads on and off. There is a horrible photo of me finishing whilst cramping in both legs... not pretty!
Still, despite the pain it was fun and I was happy with my time!
Times:Dan Goscomb 2:37:52 (2nd in age group, 16th overall)Glenda Goscomb 2:53:28 (3rd in age group, 44th overall)Val Place (5th in age group, 67th overall)
(Dan Goscomb)