Andy Field's IMUK report

Ok, my time in the race was 11:55

Bike: 6:16
Run 4:01

For my 1st ironman i am pretty damm happy, but learnt alot and of course room to improve.

Race report: My pre race plan was to take it easy on the swim and always keep in my mind ' Go slow and steady' and there were many times i felt i could of pushed it more but held myself back as its a long day. 
On the swim i position myself at the back and to the right to keep out of the washing machine and the the chaos, which worked and held a nice steady pace, keep wide going around the buoys which meant i swam a bit further on both laps which slowed my time down a bit but went to plan, The water temp was warm about 21-22 degrees and well marked out course. 

On the bike kept slow in the beginning and picked up the pace, but remained slow and constant, was hilly and was very windy in some sections which made it tough going but just wanna to hold back and keep energy for the run, I made sure i kept well hydrated and always drank a bottle of isotonic drink every feed station and a banana or powerbar..

Run was good, and kept my pace throughout. The course is hilly and is never really flat, only going through the town. Drank and ate what i could and made sure i was strict with myself. Gotta keep the nutrition up, even through you dont feel that thristy or hungry. 

The race went smoothly and as planned, but think i could of pushed a bit more, live and learn, lanzarote next! Was a great day, well organised and a great course and recommend it to anyone.

(Andy Field)