Ian Glover swims Windermere

On Sunday 28th July myself ,Ian Glover , Simon Killick and Mat Parker set off from Fell Foot at the southern end of Windermere to commence a swim of 10.5 miles to Ambleside at the northern end . 

 We started in pouring rain but the wind was very light. The water temperature was a balmy 20c which apparently for Lake Windermere is unusual, normally around 15c. The first half of the swim was in fairly calm conditions and with 50 minute stops there was always a Jaffa cake or Gel to look forward to. Our support boat did a cracking job ( thanks Chill Swim ). The families and friends came out on boats to give us moral support which was great. Once the first half is completed you swim past the ferry ( have to watch out for the underwater cable ) and then between two islands.  All good so far. At around 10.30am we started heading out into what is known as the Deeps. The upper part of the lake is wider and more exposed. At this stage the wind picked up, fortunately from the south so directly behind us. It made for some interesting air strokes on top of a few swells that were now collecting us as they went through. Simons shoulder started giving him some mayor jip but he pressed on. We could now see the end having gone past a dragon boat race and a few nosey yachts.  We could now see our fan club ( a guy walking his dog ! ) on the beach ahead so that spurred us on.  At 12.31pm we arrived at the end to be greeted by all the families and friends and three bottles of champagne which was very welcome. Not as tough as an Iron man but not far off ! We have raised over £1,000 for Hospice In The Weald. Thanks to all those who have sponsored us. Regards Ian Glover.