Dartford Bridge triathlons

The weather just about held out for the bridge triathlons and the sun even appeared during the bike leg!

The lake temperature was an ok 16.5C but the wind on the bike leg was incredibly strong! On a fairly flat course in to the wind was slowing me to 16mph in places but coming back the other way was 32mph!
7oaks results for Standard distance:
EVANS, Andy Vet 10 0:28:20 0:01:31 1:16:26 0:00:45 0:47:02 2:34:06
7oaks results for sprint distance:
MARSH, Nathan Open 2 0:12:26 0:00:50 0:41:32 0:00:31 0:17:53 1:13:1368
KESTERTON, Steve Open 32 0:18:12 0:02:05 0:49:24 0:00:49 0:22:16 1:32:48
Tony Hammond and Nigel Masding were on the start list but I couldn't see them on the results.

Nathan Marsh

Andy Evans