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HSBC Premier 7Oaks Junior Aquathlon

With upcoming announcements to be made in the next couple of weeks regarding new sponsors for this new event, some entries are still available for this event.  Click here for more information.

Sundridge TT 25-8-11

Nine 7Oaks members took part last night gaining more valuable points for the interclub competition...

Brett Ashford Triathlon

Week last saturday, Alethea and I took part in the above event. We both did the aquabike and came first in our respective age groups. There was another member of the 7oaks tri club that did the aquabike also and he too came first in his age group (I'm sorry but I cannot recall his name). (That'll be John "who's nicked my shoes" Bacon)

.......Muddling, Munching and Marching through the Ely Monster Middle 1.9k/93k/21k

.... first thing that struck us was that Ely is a lovely little city - dominated by the famous cathedral that would become our beacon for the finish soon enough. The 'us' was Jim Pursell. Alethea Lowles and I. I think the hope had been to pick a race that more of the club could do to test themselves at this distance - and hence was picked to allow those that were less likely to train in the winter and would therefore have a long training window to prepare. However I think many were away or have iconic races ( Vitruvian) or have recently done special races ( Regensburg) etc. Regardless - we had a lovely time together and on the basis of 'you have to enter, to win it' and we did it!

.......Muddling, Munching and Marching through the Ely Monster Middle 1.9k/93k/21k

Swim       T1      Bike     T2      Run           Time         Overall    Age Alethea Lowles   40:34    4:30   3:15:52   01:33   2:23:42   6:24:08         233            3rd Jim Pursell         41:25    4:25   2:31:23    1:21    2:05:07   5:19:51         126           16th Jane Wiley         39:03    3:36   2:41:51    1:12   1:43:23    5:07:11         93rd            1st

Interclub TT Results from Polhill - 18 August 2011

A miserable damp evening saw 27 riders out for this event. A couple of riders turned up and didn't like the conditions (can't say I blame them) and went home. The last rider just about finished before it was dark. Now with picture of intrepid marshall Dave Willumsen - it was wet!

Nathan Marsh

Nathan Marsh, a new youth member to the club this year has been taking on the multi-disciplined world of Biathlon and Triathlon with huge success.

New Club Cycle Kit - Modelled

Kim, Debbie, Tony and Duncan wear the last word in lycra fashion for their entry in to the Vanity Fair Best Dressed list

Want Free Fitness Testing ?

Sports science researcher Lucy Hale who is based at the University of Kent at Medway is looking for male members of 7Oaks Tri who are moderate to well trained cyclists to carry out some fitness testing on between July and September. In return for your time, Lucy will provide “a full comprehensive fitness survey and provide nutrition advice in return for the athlete’s time” If you are interested please let know.

Rob Embleton Ironman Nice

Good one this - all a bit emotional....................
Hi, I know this is really late but since I've been back, 'real life' has taken over again!
On Sunday the 26th June I took part in Ironman France in Nice.

Q10/26 Brands Hatch TT 14th July

A pleasant evening saw 12 7Oaks Tri members riding the Brands Hatch TT, 3 of which scored a healthy 18 points between them. We now lead by 40 points - well done everyone!

Club Olympic Distance Championship - 3 July

Our selected event this year was the SteelMan Triathlon at Dorney Lake on 3 July. Only 5 members (to the best of my knowledge) took part but well done to all of them. Neil Harris secured the club championship while Jim Pursell was our first vet home. 

Bearded Man 3 day mtb enduro

Black Mountains 3 day enduroI mentioned this to Alan, thinking there was no way he’d take me up on it, especially as Mrs Al. was off at a Foo Fighters concert that week-end. So I was somewhat horrified when a couple of weeks later he told me childcare was sorted and he was on – ohhh fuggit……..

Marmotte 2011 Report

The Marmotte has a magnetic attraction, its a doable distance, there's always a good group from the club to share the experience, the only problem is 5,000m of climbing over 4 iconic Tour de France climbs.

Steelman result

Neil Harris continues his strong form with a sub 2 hour 3rd at the Steelman Olympic distance tri. Results here

HSBC Premier 7Oaks Junior Aquathlon

Now that the HSBC Premier 7Oaks Junior Aquathlon has come and gone, there is still a lot of information that you may want to see.
Sevenoaks Chronicle carried a great article about the event - click here to see it.
We received a lot of feedback after the race which can be seen here.  If you havent yet sent us your feedback then please do so
BTF Offical report - a copy of the report from the race referee can be seen here.
Race Instructions for the competitors in the form of an FAQ can be found here.
Hints and tips for the race from Aquathlon World Champion, Richard Stannard, can be found here.
Race photographs were taken by Sussex Sport Photography and can be seen in their gallery here.
Maps of the run routes are shown here.  Click on the distance you want to look at (600 metres, 1500 metres or 3000 metres) and then select satellite view from the map options.  
The race was organised under the permit issued by the British Triathlon Federation - a copy of the permit can be seen here.
All finishers received a medal which was very well received by the finishers!

2011 LAKE Rota v19082011

Swim Rota below. Please contact Jane Wiley to fill in the gaps. xxxx = time slot filled, body needed means......
If someone hasn't swum at the lake before please make sure they talk to Paul Bonner Williams first for some health and safety advice, plus which way to go!

Windsor results

The Windsor Triathlon unlike previous years did not send competitors away with sunburn and dehydration.  It did however turn up especially great results for Neil Harris, Andy Jones & Mark Pyman

New race results in the archive

Thanks to one of our 'Evergreens' we have discovered another set of race results from July 1986.  Click here to see the results page and click here to register as an Evergreen.

Sevenoaks Schools Lose Sports Funding

Do you're children go to any of these schools: Amherst School - Riverhead Infants - Chevening Primary - Churchill Primary - Dunton Green Primary - Halstead Primary - Kemsing Primary - Sevenoaks Primary - Sundridge and Brasted Primary - Valence Sports College - St Katharines Primary - St Thomas's Primary - St Lawrence Primary - Seal CE - Shoreham Village - St John's Primary - Anthony RoperOtford Primary - Lady Boswells. If so please read on.

Charlie's quest for a pointy hat continues

You may be aware that I have long held deep rooted suspicions of our pointy hatted brethren. However, this one may make me change my mind.
Pointies of the world beware - I is a-comin'.............

Uckfield Tri

Donna Shepherd, Ian Glover, Stephen and Joshua Searby all took part in the Uckfield Triathlon at the weekend.  Following a torrential downpour just before the start of the race, the conditions were not great.

Club 5K Results - 8 May

A blowy morning down at the track saw Nick Anderton knock almost 3 minutes off his previous best time of 26-25 to record 23-28 and show that his hard work is paying off. Penny Bulley also recorded a best by 52 seconds of 21-10 and at the same time produced the fastest time of the ladies so far this year at a club 5K.

Tonbridge Tri Report

It was a sunny but blustery day in Tonbridge for what is for many club members' first outing of the season. The wind made parts of the bike course an exercise in bike handling skills but didn't stop many individuals beating last year's times.

The Alternative Marathon

Rather than do a fourth London Marathon in four years, I decided to do the European Duathlon Champs in Limerick having qualified at Big Cow earlier in the year.

7Oaks conquer the London Marathon!

With some great debut performances and fast times, the 7Oaks Tri Club runners proved that triathletes have single sport talents as well.

VO2 Longest day Sportive - 180 km

Jason Frost Completed the 180km tough course in 7:54 F3 VO2 Longest Day Sportive - 180km This was the inaugural running of F3 events cycloportive from Dorney,  covering parts of Bucks and Berks and taking in the delights of the Chilterns. 

CORRECTION - 2 x Sub 3hrs in Paris!

Club member Alastair Moffatt completed Paris on Sunday in 2.58.59. Half-way in 1.23 then crumpled in the heat. A target for the 7Oaks Tri club runners in London this weekend!
Recently moved ex club member Simon Mclaughlin also joined the exclusive sub-3 club when he ran the Paris Marathon last weekend in a superb time of 2.59.12, made even more impressive by the fact he went through halfway in 1.29.30. Great result

Feedback from the 7Oaks Triathlon

Did you race yesterday at the 7Oaks Triathlon?  If so we would like to hear from you.  What did you like, what did you not like, what could have been done differently, what have you seen at other races that we could learn from etc etc?  We read all feedback and often implement ideas that are given to us.  Please email  Many thanks

Cycle trip to Majorca

In which Debbie, Viv and Jane had a great time, and so did Dave T. Anyone seen Dave recently, btw?


Running - 27 March

Some very impressive 800m interval times and examples of even paced running at the track on a lovely morning. 

Free photo downloads at 7Oaks Triathlon

7Oaks Tri Club are very pleased to confirm that all race photographs taken by Sussex Sport Photography at the 7Oaks Triathlon will be available for unlimited free downloads after the event.

5K Threshold Test - Sunday 20 March

A small field turned up to take advantage of the good conditions but what it lacked in quantity it certainly more than made up for in quality with great performances from front to back. PB's all round but two performances deserve a special mention.